Genealogy Room

Family History Research

The Family Museum Room (Room 211) is set up as a place for researching local family history and genealogy. There is a good reference library of research materials that includes over a hundred genealogy books on family lines in the Bladen County area. During open hours, there is a volunteer in the Family Museum to assist with research among the library publications as well as with computer and internet searches.

The Family Museum displays pictures and memorabilia from families in the Bladenboro area. The displayed pictures include a collection of family and individual portraits. Other items include tools, handcrafts and household items that belong to local families.

Contributions of family research materials, family stories, and old pictures are welcomed. It is understood that certain original pictures and family Bibles have great personal value. For those, the volunteer can scan, photograph or otherwise copy the items so that others can have a copy and the original is never out of sight of the owner.