On Saturday, September 7 at this year’s annual Fun Day, sponsored by the Bladenboro Historical Society, Virginia Howell was honored for her many years of excellent service as treasurer and valued member to the Society.

Bladenboro Historical Society has sponsored this event designed for the benefit of the community since 1992.  It is their way of giving back to the community and as much as possible, it gives more than it takes in.

Virginia Howell moved home to Bladenboro in August 1992, about the same time the Historical Society was entering its growth phase.  With only a month back in town and following that year’s very first Fun Day she joined on and has been a volunteer since.  

She took over as Treasurer on the death of then Treasurer, J.Z. Hinson.  It is unique that in that 21 years, she is only the second Treasurer the Society has had – such a blessing!

Virginia was married to Tom Howell.  Tom passed away January 16, 2009.  Together they both were loyal servants and volunteers in the Bladenboro Community.  Virginia started her career with the Bladen County Agricultural Stabilization and Conversation Service (ASCS) in 1964 and continued in that service until her retirement in Indiana in 1992.

Virginia continues to be a very active participant in several events and organizations.  She attends Bladenboro First Baptist Church, is active in Boost the ‘Boro and splits her time from there with a large cache of family and friends.

The plaque, presented by Jon Hasbrouck reads, “Presented to Virginia Howell in recognition and appreciation of your many years of excellent service as treasurer and valued member of the Bladenboro Historical Society.”

One expression that this writer has for Virginia Howell, well into her eighties, is that she is the definitive example of “selfless service.”  She doesn’t complain and she doesn’t ask for much.  She goes about her volunteering duties that take up a great deal of her time.  Virginia is therefore, the perfect picture of “simple elegance, and quiet excellence.”

That is what I admire about her.  She never whines and she never brags or boasts.  Virginia does what she has to do to get the job done, and believe me, she always has a lot to get done.  And intermingled amongst it all, a large family to love and care for.