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Bladenboro The First 100 Years

A Pictoral History

From the Photo Collection of C A Shaw

By Robin D Holley


  Dedicated to the townsfolk of Bladenboro, both living and deceased. Perhaps the work presented here will be my own worthwhile historic contribution to this small town where Liz and I have led such a peaceful existence for all these years.

Robin D. Holley

Bladenboro – The First 100 Years   A Pictorial History

 This is a hard back book; a beautifully rendered collection of photographs from the collection of local businessman, Mr. C.A. Shaw. (Shaw was an avid photographer who took hundreds of pictures over his years throughout Bladenboro).

 Enters Robin D. Holley. He came to Bladenboro in an interesting set of circumstances from Forala, Alabama. His story appears in the cover of the book and worth reading. He married a local girl, Lizzie Mae Wright on June 8, 1977.

 With the support of his wife Lizzie and Mrs. Margie Freeman Bridger, he painstakingly documented, subdivided and pieced together the book that sells for $125 each.

 But don’t complain about the price. If you see the book you’ll want it as official documentation of our town through pictures. You can sit for hours going through the thick publication that probably weighs in at a couple of pounds, printed on quality stock paper that should last a lifetime or more. Sit with an elder of Bladenboro and finger through the book and let them share what they remember of our town. It will make for special moments in history.

 Eleven chapters are featured, featuring townsfolk of Bladenboro, the surrounding area, floods and four chapters that capture early century, mid-century and the end of the 20th century.

 You may wish to consult the staff at the Historical Society’s Gift Shop to order your copy in time for Christmas. Off and on they are a hot commodity and they make wonderful Christmas presents in your efforts to capture, preserve and share your town’s history.

  Other Versions and Copyright Notes

   The copy I own was copyrighted in 2008 by Mr. Holley. He mentions in the copyright notes that photographs in the book come primarily from the collection of Mr. C.A. Shaw. Other collection pieces originate from a collection owned by Mr. Liston “Mack” Hester. Still, other photographs belong to Mr. Kelly Baldwin, Mrs. Margie Freeman Bridger and Mrs. Margaret Freeman Harden.

   Most noteworthy, Mr. Shaw’s collection of photographs is under the ownership and control of the Bladenboro Historical Society.

   It is an incredible collection. I reviewed and reminisced and recalled bits of my own history and memory that are nothing less than nostalgic and special in many ways.

   Last but not least is Chapter 11 that portrays the Beast of Bladenboro. There is a newspaper account of what happened and pictures of the “killed beast” that was needed at the time for purposes of “crowd control”.

   Depending on your unique perspective, consider this book as a keepsake or gift. The money supports the Bladenboro Historical Society.

Information & Review by Mr. Hiram Hester