Bladenboro Historical Society

Dedicated to Community Service and Historical Preservation


Bladenboro Farm Life School

1992 Deeded to the Bladenboro Historical Society by the NC Legislature

 The Bladenboro Historical Society, a 501 ( C )(3) Nonprofit organization, is housed in the original Farm Life and Science building, opened in 1917.

In 1990, after the building was no longer used as a primary school building and was slated for demolition, at the urging of Bladen County residents and local politicians, the building was deeded to the Society by the North Carolina Legislature in 1992.

After basic restoration, the building has housed many local benefits, family and church celebrations and civic affairs, as well as providing space for numerous museums.

Currently, part of the building is home to a new, small business, specializing in home mental health care.

Current programs include the operation of the popular genealogy and military museums, along with the rental of the Activities Center for weddings, church activities, family gatherings, and high school reunions.

The arts are celebrated with displays in the art center featuring local artists.

Activities include an annual “Fun Day”, held in September on the Saturday after Labor Day, which serves as a fundraiser for the society. Also, to raise funds, a New Year’s dinner is held each year. It’s popularity has grown as it attracts hundreds of local residents.

The Rotary Club of Bladenboro hosts pancake breakfasts’ several times a year in the Activities Center.

The facility gift shop, open daily for visitors, serves as the primary contact room for the Society.

Accomplishments include the successful housing of the new healthcare business, the hosting of events in the Activities Center that serve to educate and entertain in excess of 1,000 citizens from Bladen County and the region.

The Mission Statement of the Society is “The purpose and mission of the Bladenboro Historical Society is the continued preservation architectural style and historical integrity of the building, providing facilities for public meetings and programs. In addition, the building is to serve as a medium for various museums documenting the history of Bladenboro and the surrounding area.”

The Goals and Objectives include the utilization of historic preservation to improve community and economic development leading to an increase in small business startups and tourism. Also, to develop educational programming in communities countywide resulting in increased quality of life through cultural and literacy opportunities for all ages.

The Society works toward impacting multiple citizen groups county and state wide. We provide opportunities for educational programming and increased quality of life through cultural and literacy enrichment.

The Society strives to provide opportunities for positive community spirit, unity, and overall community progress and growth.



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