• Our History

  • The Board of Directors and the many Historical Society members and volunteers invite you to stop in and visit our heritage in the museums on displays at The Bladenboro Historical Society.

    There you will see a collection of many momentos from our yesteryears. Visit and let us share with you the joy and pride of our life in Bladenboro.

    The Museums and Rooms of the Historical Building are dedicated to preserving the past for folks to reminisce in their memories, for our children to see a little of how we lived when we where their age, and to be of service to the community.

  • Our Shared History

    • Military History Museum

    • Crafts

    • Farm equipment

    • Bladen County School Trophy

    • Genealogy of Bladen County

    • Art Museum

    • School

    • Town


The movie star the professor and Mary Ann here on Gilligans Isle. Just sit right back and you'll hear.