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Bladenboro Historical Society

Bladenboro Farm Life School


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  Museums And Veterans Memorial               Dedicated To Enhancing Life With A Vision Into Our Past

  Gift Shop hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-12PM   Saturday and Sunday 2PM-4PM.

   Museums open Saturday or Sunday 2PM-4PM or by appointment.

   Admission Free   (Children under 12 years old must be supervised.)


The proud curator of the Historical data and pictures housed in the town museum will be glad to show you around.  Stop in to visit her and view the past in pictures and memorabilia.

Follow this link to the Town Museum Page


The curator of the craft room has a wonderful array of crafted buildings and a variety of other  craft items on display.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Follow this link to the Crafts Museum



Our Military Museum is a memorial to the many service men and women of the Bladenboro area who either served our country or continue to serve with pride and passion. Journey with us through the memorabilia that the committee has on display and help us honor our veterans.

Follow this link to the Military Museum


We have a treasure of antique farm equipment used to produce gardens and crops long before the modern tractors and high-tech machinery. It’s a walk through long ago and not so long ago agriculture history that shows how crops were produced in the local fields. What a sight to see!

Follow this link to the Antique Farm Equipment Room

Family History Room

The curator will be glad to have you visit their collection of genealogy records of the various families in the Bladenboro area and will be glad to start a search of your family tree for you. Credited as The Mother County Genealogical Society, among it’s purpose is to preserve the history of Bladen County and it’s families, foster and increase interest in Bladen County genealogy, provide a research center to collect, preserve, and disseminate information, and meet to present and exchange historical and genealogical information.                                             Link to MCGS Page                                      

Link to Family History Museum

BVAC Art Gallery

The Art Gallery exhibits artwork by the many gifted persons in the Bladenboro area. This covers a variety of types of work. The exhibits change on occasion throughout the year.

Follow this link to the Art Gallery


A collection of memorabilia from the old Bladenboro High School as it was before the new one was built. This museum contains a collection of sports and other trophies, documents and pictures of an era of pride and fun.

Follow this link to the High School Memorabilia Museum


This room is a memorial of the place where so many children were taught the wonder of education. If you were one of these children or a family member, visit this room and look for the marks of the past scratched into the old desk or captured in the many pictures.

Follow this link to the Bladenboro School Room


Located on the Northeast corner of the property is a growing memorial to those who served our country in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. Veterans are encouraged to “purchase their own brick” as a memorial to their service or memorialize someone living or past with a memorial brick. Bricks are engraved with the Veteran’s name, branch of service and dates of service.

Follow this link to the Veteran’s Memorial